The link between origami and engineering

To most people origami purely means the art of folding paper. However, today's engineers are using this ancient oriental technique to help solve some of the world's great challenges.

Applications include the use of origami in:

  • collapsible packaging to help in recycling processes
  • folding mechanisms for use in the deployment of satellites and telescopes
  • airbags for cars
  • origami structures for use in nano-technology and medical diagnostics.

The embodiment of skilful design, origami uses everyday materials economically to solve complex problems. The Engineering Council has been inspired by this highly effective representation of today's engineering values to use origami images and tessellations, both on our new website and in our printed marketing literature.

We have been granted kind permission by origami tessellation experts Eric Gjerde and Mélisande to use their skilful designs on our website and printed literature.  Further work by these artists can be found by following the links on the right.

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