Issue: International Engineering Alliance Meeting

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The Engineering Council's Head of International Recognition, Jim Birch, attended the International Engineer Alliance (IEA) meeting held in Ottawa in June this year, in his capacity as FEANI Board member.

The IEA is the umbrella body which coordinates six international agreements, the Washington, Sydney and Dublin Accords covering mutual recognition of engineering education, and the Engineers Mobility Forum (EMF), Engineering Technologists Mobility Forum (ETMF) and APEC Engineer which are concerned with mobility of professionally recognised engineers and technologists.

In the past few years substantial progress has been made towards further increasing the mutual recognition of engineering education and of professional qualifications between the IEA partner countries, which collectively represent a significant part of the global engineering economy. The Ottawa meeting, while not introducing any revolutionary initiatives, continued to build on this trend.

It was confirmed that the recently revised IEA graduate attributes together with the IEA professional competences were effectively international standards defining engineering education and professional registration criteria. Delegates recognised that there were regional groupings active in the same areas and that the IEA should work with these organisations to explore possibilities of alignment and inter-recognition. The IEA and European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education (ENAEE) already have a joint working group looking at this in the field of accreditation of engineering education. Proposed changes in emphasis of the objectives of the EMF, ETMF and APEC Engineer could facilitate the participation of FEANI as a European grouping.

Although no new organisations were admitted as full members of the various agreements, a number were given provisional status, including those from Turkey and Pakistan who were both entering the IEA for first time.

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